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Philosophies & Principles


Generosity. Compassion. Good Citizenship. Philanthropy. Before ever looking at a proforma, a bank statement or an investment, the definitive qualities one should consider in any business relationship are these core principles. This is a belief established by our founder, Robert Klabzuba, in the 1930s when he began investing in the oil & gas industry – and an indispensable standard that has guided every accomplishment of Klabzuba Realty.


At Klabzuba Realty, success is about more than just the bottom line, it's about knowing where to draw the line. Success is ultimately defined and driven by service. Simply put, we strive to treat people with respect. Our strong and lasting relationships with partners, tenants, residents, brokers, lenders and vendors are the real building blocks to success. Mr. Klabzuba was a great leader that developed the reputation of being a partner with the highest integrity. Klabzuba Realty is committed to maintaining that reputation.


A Comprehensive Real Estate Approach...

"Following merely puts you behind."


Real estate is more than just sticks and bricks or a location. Each piece of real estate has a story. That story may be complex or long, and sometimes, even sad. But before any investment is ever considered, it is crucial to understand the story. At Klabzuba Realty, we strive to uncover the whole story – is the property a diamond in the rough, has it been over-leveraged, is the timing right, or simply, has the location improved? Understanding the full story is the key to ensuring maximum returns for each investment. Timing of the market is also an important factor. We typically sell assets when everyone is buying and buy when everyone else is selling. This allows us to be more nimble, take advantage of the best opportunities and provide sustainable growth. We also believe focusing on properties that are complex or management intensive is a niche that is too often avoided. This approach has been extremely successful. Combined with hard work, creativity and efficient management, we've successfully identified the most advantageous and well-timed investments to safely create wealth.

Success Comes Through Integrity & Hard Work

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