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Fort Worth, Texas 76102

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Klabzuba Oil & Gas Inc. is a proven leader within the energy industry providing strong leadership and capital investments with selected partners for the development of highly profitable oil and gas reserves throughout North America.


Our long and successful history began with our founder, Robert E. Klabzuba, whose exemplary talent as a

world-renowned geologist provided the foundation for numerous discoveries in major basins during his

70-year career.  In fact, many properties he helped develop 40 to 50 years ago are still producing assets for the company.


Today, we continue to build on this track record of remarkable returns and business reputation that

Mr. Klabzuba drilled into Klabzuba’s foundation.


Our Mission


Our focus has been the same for nearly half a century … “Use human endeavor with proven science and technology to responsibly build Klabzuba assets for the mutual benefit of our partners.  We will conduct business with integrity, resolve and confidence – openly seeking our colleagues’ contributions and support while maintaining the respect of our peers.”


An Exploration of Investment

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