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Klabzuba History


In 1968, Robert Klabzuba, a successful and respected geologist and exploration manager of nearly

30 years, struck out on his own and started Klabzuba Oil & Gas. One of his first projects was to finalize a prospect he had seen while training as an aircraft carrier fighter pilot in Pensacola, FL during WWII. The prospect turned out to be the Jay Field, a 400+ million barrel oil field, and the last major oil field found onshore in the lower 48 states.


In the early years the company grew through involvement with first class local operators while Klabzuba supplied the geological and geophysical expertise. Tremendous growth occurred as holdings increased primarily in the Arkoma Basin, Texas and Montana. Through the 1980's Klabzuba expanded and by 1990 the company had oil and gas properties in over 25 states.


The 1990s brought new things to Klabzuba Oil & Gas. The purchase of an office building in Bedford, TX started what is now known as Klabzuba Realty, a respected commercial real estate company operating throughout Texas. The 90s also brought the establishment of an office in Denver, CO, thus setting the stage for further expansion of the oil and gas company into the Rockies. Klabzuba Oil & Gas also expanded into operations and operated a drilling company, pipeline and gathering systems, as well as a compression company.


Today, Klabzuba Oil & Gas holds producing properties in 13 states in the U.S., as well as both Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada. Having sold a major asset in 2008, Klabzuba Oil & Gas is now actively engaged in pursuing new oil and gas deals across the country and Canada as an investor. Klabzuba Realty also continues to flourish. The company today has over a dozen properties in its portfolio and is actively seeking new acquisitions every day.




Giving back to the community is a cornerstone of the Klabzuba philosophy. Robert Klabzuba prided himself on being a leading benefactor of the Texas Health Resources Harris Hospital in Fort Worth and The University of Oklahoma. Over the years he and the company made numerous charitable donations to dozens of organizations across the region. Klabzuba Oil & Gas and Klabzuba Realty continue the legacy of giving, supporting various organizations either through service or financial means.


Future of Klabzuba


Klabzuba is poised for growth today and well into the future as we continually explore new opportunities beyond oil and gas and real estate. We’re in a position of financial strength with sufficient capital reserves to act quickly on new business opportunities. The management of the Klabzuba businesses consists of a group of dedicated, experienced professionals who are committed to growing the enterprise in a manner consistent to the beliefs of our founder, Robert Klabzuba.

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